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Because of a video released via the internet recently, RidersUSA has received inquiries and has been maliciously attacked by accusations from the media, that members of our organization had engaged in an assault on "videographer" Dennis Gilman at a RidersUSA co-sponsored rally called, "We Are America Tour" on September 7, 2013. Gilman sells or donates  edited videos to a local publication called the "New Times Weekly".  As I was witness to the incident I would like to clarify how this event actually unfolded.

 First of all, Dennis Gilman is nothing more than a locally known political agitator who has a reputation for inciting those organizations he opposes to react after purposefully antagonizing them. He then skews his pseudo reporting and film making to lull those viewing his production into believing he has been "victimized"! His "modus operandi" is dedicated to portraying any individual or group reflecting Traditional American Values to appear as troublemakers or "loons".  

Secondly, the coalition of organizations sponsoring the event secured a State issued permit for the location we had reserved on the Arizona State Capitol lawn. This gave us the right to stage our rally without harassment from disruptive individuals or groups. Representatives from various and credible news organizations attended the rally without incident. When Gilman began setting up equipment in the permit reserved area, he was asked very politely by one "tattooed and leather-clad Biker" to please move his equipment to the public curb located about 20 yards away. True to form, Gilman's response was one of belligerence and aggression. He refused. Participants at the rally then blocked his filming with signs placed in front of his camera lens. AT NO TIME was Gilman assaulted!! The police were then called (by us) as Gilman aggressively pushed his way through the people and signs. At the same time Mr. Gilman produces a smaller camera and then deftly continues filming while pushing his way forward through the crowd. This is the action seen in the faux video as the agitator made it appear as if the people he were pushing away were being the aggressors. Not true! The police arrived within minutes of our call and Mr. Gilman was then led away as he was in violation of our permit rights. He was nearly arrested for his outlandish behavior before finally complying with the officers. No charges were filed by either Mr. Gilman or the police in regards to Gilman's claim of having been assaulted.  It was obvious to all that this was a "staged confrontation" meant to undermine those he politically disagrees with and to provide a sensationalized visual of portraying the Biker community as aggressive or violent for his small following of sick and gullible admirers.

In closing I'd like to point out that no member of RidersUSA was ever involved in this staged confrontation despite claims from detractors that we had been. The people who Gilman had confronted were participants in the rally who felt urged to react to Mr. Gilman's belligerence. Although some language was uncalled for (from both sides) we stand firmly behind those participants who stood up to the tactics that Mr. Gilman employed in order to entertain his followers with a "Grade B" production of total nonsense at an otherwise peaceful gathering! 

                                                                  Vince Ansel for RidersUSA



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