Riders United For A Sovereign America
Riders USA thanks the following for their service
and their names will be flying on flags
that are being used in the
2018 Memorial Day Rally
at the Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery

May 28th, 2018

Charles Rafferty, Army
John Rafferty, Navy
Dan Galeener, USN
Calvin Short, USN 
To all Veterans
Jim C Wise Army
Tom Wise Marines
Bob Fry Marines
Randy Randell, Navy
George R. Rice, Army
Michael E. Thayer, CMA2 US NAVY
Robert F.Fletcher (Army)
W.P. Zong (Army)
Donald L. Saxton (Navy)
Sgt. Sean Chrisman
Spc Russell W Blose 1/13/78-3/25/17
Sgt. Sean ChrismanU.S. Army Spc. Gabriel Conde Afghanistan, May 2017 - (KIA)
US Army Spc. Wyatt Martin Afghanistan, December 2014 -  (KIA)
US Army Pfc. Lawrence Gerrity Korea, December 1952 - (KIA)
Joseph Rogosich, 
Joseph Manuel Rogosich, 
Robert Allen Rogosich
Jackie Houston Alexander
Sgt. Richard Hamrick, Army
Robert O'Hagan,US Navy WWI and WWII
Robert O'Hagan,US Navy WWII
Dorothy Duffy,US Navy WWII
Edward D'Ambrogio,Army WWII
Robert Whiting,US Navy Korea
Robert Brennan,US Marine Corps,Vietnam
Joseph O'Hagan,US Marine Corps,Vietnam
Art O'Hagan,US Army, Vietnam
Robert Vreeland,Vietnam
Jack Vreeland,Vietnam
Craig Williams,Air Force,Gulf War
 Unknown Soldier at Arlington
Alfred Mollsen
Sidney Norwood
Nick Chrisman
(3) Joesph F. Smith USAF, A2C
PVT 2 Shauna Lin Ward
ArmyTony D'Ambrogio,WWII Army
Joe Talerico,WWII,Korea,Vietnam,Army Air Corps
Del Monday,Desert Storm,Army
Father Lt. Vincent R. Capodanno, Chaplain - (KIA)
(3) LCDR Donald Landin 
John Sentman Lieutenant US Navy Vietnam
CSM Willard R. Garrett, Army, Korea and Viet Nam, 9 Bronze Stars.
Sgt Danny Baca - U.S. Marine Corps (Vietnam, 1969-1970)
Elvis Baker, Turret Gunner B-26
Danny Baca, Sgt USMC Vietnam veteran
(3) 2LT John Stober USAAF
Jennifer Schwartz SPC
Bob Fry, Army, 
Jim C Wise, Army, 
Tom Wise, Marines 
(6)To all who paid the Ultimate Price
Richard R Tronsdale, Air Corp II

(*) Number of flags for this Veteran

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Thank You to all our sponsors these past 12 years. year. God Bless.



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